Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sylt Diaries | Cycling And A Beautiful Sand Dune

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably know that I've been to Sylt last week for my holiday. Sylt is an island in northern Germany, in the North Sea. I've never been there before and I really enjoyed my time. We didn't have the best weather but it was okay and we had a few sunny days as well.

I went with my mum and my sister and we stayed in a tiny holiday flat in Rantum, which is one of the districts on Sylt. It lies beautifully on the narrowest part of the island which is around 550 metres broad. That also means that you have tideland on one side and dunes and the sea on the other side. We rented bikes there and on our first full day, we cycled down to Hörnum, which is yet another district.

It took us quite some time to get there because it was so windy! But the nature along the way was absolutely beautiful and we stopped quite a few times to take pictures. Arriving in Hörnum, we actually wanted to have a look at the lighthouse but there was no way to get close, or we didn't find it. But it also looked pretty from the distance and I quite liked the idea that it once held the local school in there. My mum noted that none of the pupils probably had to ever stand in the corner. ;)

By accident, we noted a sandy path close to the lighthouse, so we locked our bikes and followed it, until we reached the most beautiful sand dune. On one side, they put massive concrete stones to prevent the sea from taking away even more land. But it's made in a very aesthetic way and I really enjoyed that sight. The dune itself is really big and while we were there, the tide was coming in so we suddenly noticed that the water was much closer than when we arrived. I managed to get my trousers in the water as I was jumping back though. Classic.

While we were at the dune, the weather got bad and it started raining. Thankfully I packed my rainjacket. It didn't rain for long though, so after a couple of minutes we were able to cycle back to Rantum. The first day on Sylt was great and I instantly fell in love with the island. The nature is beautiful and so different to anything where I'm from in Germany. Stay tuned for more Sylt posts coming soon!

Have you ever been to Sylt or another island in the North Sea?


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Berlin Diaries | Visiting The Main Sights

I am back from my holiday on Sylt and that means I'm also back with my Berlin posts. I'm sorry that there were no posts from me this last week but I wasn't on my laptop much and I also didn't prepare any posts for the time I was away. But today, you'll have another, picture heavy, post from my trip to Berlin.

After our first day, when we saw Coldplay live, we started our day close to our hostel, at the East Side Gallery. We were a bit unlucky as the wall is being renovated at the moment and you couldn't really see much of the well-known pictures. But it was interesting anyway, as on the other side they were showing a foto exhibition, "War on Wall", about the war in Syria. I don't know if they always do things like that at the East Side Gallery, but if they do, I totally recommend to pay some attention to that side of the wall as well and not only to the famous paintings.

The next stop was the Brandenburg Gate, which was also a bit covered, as it was during the European Football Championship and there was public viewing on the other side, so there were white fences everywhere. I was just lucky with the sights, wasn't I?? But it was nice anyway. Afterwards, we went to the Holocaust Memorial as it's closeby. I've seen it on a lot of pictures before, so I kind of knew what to expect. For some reason I thought it would be bigger, but all in all I really liked the memorial. It was a bit weird to see people jumping around though. I feel like they didn't really think about what this memorial was for.

The last stop that day was Tiergarten park. We went to see the Victory Column, but didn't go over directly. We didn't immediately see how to cross the street to go over and we then didn't want to anymore. Instead we moved on to Bellevue Palace. All in all, I liked Tiergarten, however, I much prefered Treptower Park. In my opinion, it's a much nicer park and a lot calmer as well.

I'm not sure if there'll be another post about Berlin, but there'll soon be some posts about Sylt on my blog, as I just had some wonderful days there. I very much enjoyed Berlin though and I could totally see myself live there. I felt much more "at home" there than in my tiny home town in Germany. But who knows, what's going to happen to me now. If you wonder, where I was eating as a vegan, it was actually pretty easy. I use the Happy Cow app to find restaurants, cafés or anything food related in a city and Berlin has been heaven. Wherever we were, there was always somewhere to eat within a few hundred metres and Kreuzberg, where we lived, was amazing. So many vegan or vegetarian cafés to have breakfast and so many yummy places to eat which offered vegan food or were entirely vegan. Berlin is literally paradise for a vegan!

And for anyone with little time, this post is proof that you can actually visit all the main sights in Berlin in one day. I recommend spending more time however as there are many more things to see (as shown above). And I also always like having one or more days to just stroll around and feel like a local. So, we've been to some more places as well in Berlin, but as I said, I don't think it's worth to write another post about it. I hope you enjoyed my Berlin posts though.


Friday, 8 July 2016

Berlin Diaries | Treptower Park

Last week I went to Berlin with my sister to see Coldplay live at the Olympiastadion. We decided to stay a few days and explore the city a bit, as I have only ever once been to Berlin and that was at last New Year's Eve and I haven't really seen anything then.

We flew to Berlin very early on Wednesday morning and went straight to our hostel in Kreuzberg. Because we didn't want to do anything big that day as we had the concert in the evening, we decided to explore Kreuzberg a bit more. The man at the hostel told us about Treptower Park and the Soviet War Memorial, so we went there and weren't disappointed.

First of all, it is quite nice walking along the Spree to the park. We could see the East Side Gallery on the other side even and it was really nice and sunny as well. The park itself is beautiful, there is no other word to describe it. So calm and peaceful and green. It's incredible to think that it is part of such a big city, when actually you don't feel that way when you're inside the park.

When you enter, you instantly come across the Motherland statue (I think you translate it like that at least, in German we call it "Mutter Heimat"), which also belongs to the Soviet War Memorial. Next to the statue there are poplar trees, which go along the path to the remaining statues. At the end of the path, you reach the two Soviet soldiers, who are kneeling on opposite sites, facing each other and you can see the last statue, the "liberator" in the near distance. It is a soldier, holding a sword and a child and a swastika is bursting under his boots. We didn't go up to that statue but only looked at it from next to the two soldiers. It's a very pretty sight, seeing that big statue in that open space. I really liked this memorial as it felt very appropriate and it goes so well together with the whole park.

On the way back to the Spree and our hostel, we also came across a section of the park where they had pretty flowers and roses planted. The blogger that I am, I of course took a few snaps of them as well. I apologise by the way if the pictures are not very good. I forgot my camera in my suitcase that day and used my phone. But I think they turned out fine anyway.

We also came across the Molecule Man, which is an aluminium sculpture in the Spree river, which symbolises the meeting point of the three boroughs Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte. I read about it since then, and apparently it also symbolises the meeting of the molecules of all men that we need for the survival of humanity.

If you ever go to Berlin, I really recommend visiting Treptower Park, especially when it is sunny or when you need some rest and a break of the city.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Coldplay Or The Best Concert Of My Life

First of all, I want to apologise for my lack of blogging this last week or two. I moved back to Germany from Sweden on the 28th of June and the next morning I left very early for Berlin where I spent a few days and went to see Coldplay live, which is what I'm going to talk about today.

I mentioned quite a few times before on my blog, how difficult it was to get tickets to see Coldplay in Germany, but in the end, my sister and I managed to get two tickets for Berlin, where they played at the Olympiastadion. It was such a huge concert and they played so many songs I loved, so it is impossible to pick one moment that was especially memorable. The whole evening was fantastic and I still feel excited when I think back to that day.

I've never been a massive Coldplay fan. I always liked their music but I never thought I would ever go to a concert just to see them specifically. However, here I am and I'm so glad I did go. It was probably the best concert I've ever been to and that's not only because of the music. We all know that they are great musicians and that Chris Martin's voice sounds great live. It was also because of the whole atmosphere. I loved the colours of the spotlights, the energy of the band and the fans. I loved the parts between the songs when Chris was talking directly to us, like before they performed "Everglow", which he dedicated to the victims of the airport attack in Istanbul, which had just happened the day before.

Coldplay has honestly so many great singles, great hits, that there were so many moments when the audience was just singing along. This was especially the case with "Fix You", where we probably sung along the whole song. It was an amazing feeling, standing in the crowd, in between people I didn't know, who were all singing the same lines, holding up their arms, decorated with the blinking bracelets we received at the entrance. When I was looking up to the higher stands where people were sitting, I saw a mass of blinking colours and it made me feel so happy. The whole show was made as a firework of colours. There was coloured confetti in different shapes, real fireworks going into the Berlin night sky, and there were huge colourful balloons carried along by our arms.

I can't really describe the feeling properly, standing in this massive stadium and watching a band. I've never been to such a big concert before in my life and now that I have, I just want to go again. Of course, my back ached afterwards and I was tired and sweaty and had a hoarse throat, when we went along in this massive crowd to the U-Bahn station, which took us forever because there were so many people. But I was also happy. The whole concert had such a positive message and I feel like it told us to be happier, kinder, enjoy life at every minute, every second, and treasure peace.

If Coldplay is going on tour again, I really recommend seeing them live. They are not only playing fantastic but they also have incredibly good energy on stage and make you all feel like you are part of one big group. I uploaded some clips on my Instagram and I'll probably post some more in the next days, because my phone is full of Coldplay videos. So if you want to get a little more insight in how I experienced the concert, then head over to my Instagram and have a look.

I'm sorry that I don't give you a more in-depth narrative of the concert, but this is just my personal review of the evening. I really enjoyed the concert and if I ever have a chance to go and see Coldplay again, I definitely would!